'Godzilla': Eight Easter Eggs You Have To See

For the movie's second trailer, "Godzilla" delivered another moody look into a world overrun with gigantic monsters without giving too much away.

While I appreciate saving some of the surprise for theaters, some of the teased are just too maddeningly intriguing to leave a mystery. That's why I've broken down some of the key frames from the trailer to unlock their secrets.

Okay, so we're getting the messy stuff out of the way first. First order of business, here's this gross. Something pretty nasty happened to this thing, which was apparently radioactive at one time. The claw marks on the side suggest that a monster has been in the area and could be responsible for whatever is coating the outside. I'll leave it at that.

Now, let's move on to this egg sack missile thing. Here's a missile that looks like it's attached to an egg sack. Are there mini Godzillas on the way? Doesn't that sound dangerously close to a plot line of the 1998 Roland Emmerich "Godzilla"? Let's not think too much about that and move on.

Well, since we're on the topic of monster anatomy, here's the rib cage of something very big. Are we looking at the remains of long-dead Godzilla food? Seems pretty likely. 

While the trailer didn't feature a ton of good looks at Godzilla, it made up for it by teasing at least two different kinds of kaiju. I can't say that there's definitely a flying monster in "Godzilla," but there's a flying monster in "Godzilla." Don't believe me?

Oh, are those wings? Sure looks like there's a flying monster in "Godzilla," huh? Perhaps it's our old friend Rodan.

This still is less clear. What we have here is a foot that doesn't belong to Godzilla, and without a wider look at the beast, I can't say for sure whether it's the winged monster. We could be looking at two kaiju that aren't Godzilla and an enormous amount of restraint on the part of WB's marketing team.

Just how big is this version of Godzilla? The poster from last week showed him towering over San Francisco, and after a few glimpses in the trailer, that representation seems more and more accurate.

FYI, this is the Statue of Liberty from New York, New York in Las Vegas. Godzilla or another kaiju makes it far inland, but not that far.


Neo Samsung Galaxy Y ( GT - S5312 ) , Galaxy Variants Cheapest

Samsung would be a great name many reasons to choose a device made ​​by Korean vendors use this as a phone . Realizing this , Samsung also seems to try to provide a lot of enhancements for all levels of user segments .
The newest Handphone Samsung smartphones even bring to class beginner who just wants to try the Android system with a relatively very affordable price for a branded Android smartphone via Y Neo also known as Pocket Neo in several other countries . Then how is it worth to be owned cell phone ?
Small , chubby and plastic makes the phone look like a toy cell phone , kid , though of course not .
Looks red thread on Neo Y design that connects to the design of the Galaxy series later present as S4 , S4 Mini , Mega Core and others . Only the home button on the side of the face appear larger due to the effect of the proportion between the size of the keys and the body of the phone ..
Flanking the home button , there are 2 buttons are capacitive menu and back in the bottom of the screen . While the power / lock and volume control located on the side bersebrangan , right and left edges of the phone body .
MicroUSB port that serves as a gateway connecting the charger and the data kebel toward computers were placed in the lower side audio port jacks inhabit the upper side . thats it and this is harga handphone samsung

20 years later, Intersport still cashing in on Nancy Kerrigan clip

Charlie Besser is still getting more than he bargained for from Jan. 6, 1994.

That was the day a production team for his Chicago-based sports and entertainment company, Intersport, was tagging along with figure skating gold medal hopeful Nancy Kerrigan during a practice session at Detroit's Cobo Arena to gather some extra footage for a TV special it was putting together for ABC Sports.

What it got would immediately become one of the most infamous images in Olympic history.

Intersport's cameraman was the only one rolling when Ms. Kerrigan was suddenly attacked by a man wielding a police baton, capturing the moments of the skater on the ground and receiving medical attention.

The exclusive video's value was obvious, and Mr. Besser acted swiftly.

He told the producers to embed the Intersport logo on the clip. Then he picked up the phone, triggering what would become a bidding war for the five to 10 minutes of footage.

After calling outlets like Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight to establish a fair asking price, Mr. Besser chose to give first rights to ABC News for about 60 percent of the value of other bids, since the assignment had come from ABC in the first place.

But that was only the start of what has become a continuing source of revenue for the company. It is still getting requests to license the footage 20 years later.

"When Tonya Harding gets married, we get calls. When Nancy Kerrigan gets married, we get calls. When somebody has a baby or gets divorced in that group, we get calls," said Mr. Besser, who founded Intersport in 1985. "It's kind of crazy, but it just keeps going."

Intersport has netted seven figures in revenue over the years from licensing the video clip hundreds of times on TV and the Web.

More than a dozen requests rolled in over the months leading up to the current Olympic Games in Sochi. ESPN and NBC Sports both licensed the footage for recent documentaries on the incident.

Fees vary, depending on how an outlet wants to use the video, but typically start at between $10,000 and $15,000 per use, or $250 per second, for using it over a one-year period.


That's a relative drop in the bucket for a company whose annual revenue is north of $100 million, but Intersport has vigilantly protected the video, as social media has expanded.

"It is constant checking and supervision," said Mr. Besser, adding that Intersport has had to make some calls to unlicensed users but has never sued anybody over it. "Everybody knows who owns it now, so there are very few excuses."

Today, Intersport is known primarily for staging and selling sponsorships for sporting events like the TD Ameritrade College Home Run Derby, and the State Farm College Slam Dunk and 3-Point Championships during the NCAA men's basketball tournament. Most recently, it added the Hockey City Classic, an outdoor college hockey event that debuted at Soldier Field last year and that the company intends to bring back to Chicago in 2015.

Those large events, combined with nearly 1,500 smaller ones each year, make up about half of its business. The company also runs a sports sponsorship consulting service and a growing online entertainment news hub, CelebTV.com.

But two decades after the fact, the Kerrigan video still shows up on the Intersport ledger, and the company continues to be crafty in making sure user licenses expire short of key anniversary dates, a move to keep fresh requests coming in.

All currently active licenses, for example, expire before the 25th anniversary of the incident, when Mr. Besser says Intersport will "do the ultimate digging back into the story" through a documentary "and then put it to rest forever."

Or maybe, he says with a smile, just until the next round of requests start pouring in at the 30-year mark.


Amber Alert Issued After Carjacking, Kidnapping in Oakland

Amber Alert Issued

After a 13-year-old girl was apparently taken during a carjacking in Oakland Tuesday afternoon, police requested a statewide Amber Alert.

The child abduction occurred at 12:40 p.m. in Oakland, where a 35-year-old man was being sought, according to the California Highway Patrol.

The man was possibly driving a 2001 red Infiniti QX4 SUV, with California license plate number 6JFM648.

“The vehicle and child were taken during a carjacking and the suspect is armed with a knife,” CHP stated.

The girl was described only as a black 13-year-old.

In a news release, the Oakland Police Department stated that officers were called to the scene of a Safeway parking lot after a man was seen entering a vehicle and forcing the driver to drive away. A child was “reportedly seen in the rear seat,” the news release stated.

Anyone who sees the girl or the kidnapper was asked to call Oakland police at 510-238-3641 or to call 911.


Whitney Houston Casket Photo Mystery Unsolved After Two Years

Whitney Houston’s tragic death two years ago this month on the eve of the Grammy Awards, turned into a major tabloid scandal when a photo of her lying in her casket was published. So far the mystery of who took it remains unsolved.
Some called the photo of Houston, decked out in her favorite purple dress and a reported $500,000 in jewelry, “beautiful.”

But The National Enquirer, which has a long sordid history of publishing photos of deceased celebrities, was widely condemned.

A Washington Post blogger declared that “a line had been crossed.” Other outlets called the move morbid and tasteless.

Houston’s mother Cissy and daughter Bobbi Kristina were outraged. “Their heart broken all over again,” a source said at the time.

But the tabloid has been down this road before. It infamously ran a similar photo of Elvis Presley in his coffin after he died of a drug overdose in 1977.

One thing is certain, it was almost impossible to avert your eyes. The tabloid reportedly paid as much as $500,000 for the image. But the question remains: Who took it?

Speculation ranged from a close family member or funeral home employee, to even her mentor, music mogul Clive Davis.

The funeral home’s owner told The Los Angeles Times today (Feb. 23) the photo was unauthorized and had nothing to do with the funeral home where the singer’s body was prepared.

Bobby Brown’s sister Tina was considered an early suspect because the same issue contains an in-depth interview with her, for which she was probably paid. A source told TheImproper at the time that Brown did not go to the private viewing.

Davis’s named surfaced only because he attended the service and had access to the room before family members gathered to pay their last respects.

But Raffles van Exel, a mystery “celebrity consultant,” who was part of Whitney’s Grammy entourage ultimately became the chief suspect.

He cast suspicion on himself after he told a Dutch publication he removed items from Houston’s room after her body was found. “The room had to be emptied. Someone had to do it,” van Exel said.

A month later, a Whigham Funeral Home in Newark, N.J., claimed he saw van Exel take the photo of Houston in her casket, according to Forbes.

Exel has never admitted nor denied taking the photo.


Happy Birthday, Jennifer Aniston! 15 Times We Fell in Love With You on Friends

It's Jennifer Aniston's birthday!
Isn't that just kick-you-in-the-crotch, spit-on-your-neck fantastic?!
We're not here to talk about how incredibly fantastic Jen looks on her 45th birthday (but come on, she totally does!), or about the fact that she's currently sporting a gorgeous rock on that finger. She's America's sweetheart and we think that every day should celebrate how incredible and wonderful Jennifer is. However, since we don't want to look like full-on stalkers, we're just going to pack all of our Aniston admiration into this one article and then get the rest of our Friends fix on Tumblr later.
SCOOP: Matt LeBlanc on Friends' 10-year anniversary and Jennifer Aniston's wedding!

And of course, we all know Rachel Green. She started off the series as a rain-drenched, spoiled brat in a wedding gown but quickly stole our hearts and made us fall in love with her charm.

Now that we have your attention, let's take a look back at all the many times we fell head-over-heels for Rachel. Remember…
1. When she showed us that it's okay to get a little crazy sometimes when it involves boys
2. When she showed us how to rock even the most hideous of outfits
3. When she helped us realize that it's okay it we're not athletic
4. When she taught us how deal with that one neat-freak friend
5. When she showed us that being a parent could still be fun
6. When she taught us to always stand up for ourselves, not matter how much it hurts
7. When she taught us the difference between men and women
8. When she helped us realize that sometimes it's okay to let your hormones take over
9. When she showed us how to look great at an awkward party
10. When she taught us that making up new words can be fun
11. When she showed us the best way to intercept an important message
12. When she gave us the perfect excuse to get out of any situation
13. When she taught us how to tell someone off in public
14. When she showed us what our main priority should always be
15. When she made us realize that one day, we will all find our lobster

So happy birthday, Rachel!—Uh, we mean Jennifer...we love you!


Emilia Clarke voted Most Desirable Woman of 2014

Emilia Clarke — Mother of Dragons and Cyborg-Killing Messiahs — has been voted the most desirable woman in the world by AskMen.com, following a rigid electoral process that saw more than 1 million votes.
Clarke is joined in the list of Top 99 Most Desirable Women in the world by her Game of Thrones co-stars Oona Chaplin (Talisa Stark) and Rose Leslie (Ygritte). The Top Five also includes Emma Watson (#5) and Jennifer Lawrence (#4), the stars at the center of two of the hugest movie franchises ever, but they’re both edged out by unofficial Internet girlfriend Alison Brie (at #2) and that-girl-from-Blurred-Lines Emily Ratajkowski (at #3.)
In other news, Beyoncé is not in the top 10, which strongly implies that an epidemic of blindness broke out among the voters. And Robin Wright (#95) is just two places behind her daughter Dylan Penn (#93). Pause to imagine Robin Wright and Dylan Penn having their daily phone check-in:
Robin Wright: Dylanator! How’s life?
Dylan Penn: Mama Rob! Life is rad. I’m dating Steve McQueen’s grandson! How’s biz?
Robin Wright: Baby doll, biz is rockin’. I got a little show dropping this Friday, you might’ve heard of it…House of Cards?
Dylan Penn: Heard of it? I’m like BFFles with the stone-cold hottie who won a Golden Globe for that show.
Robin Wright: Haha!
Dylan Penn: Haha!
Robin Wright: Oh yo, hold up, B-Foster just tweeted me a link to some website. Most Desirable Women?
Dylan Penn: Oh yeah, I was gonna ask about that. Did you see the list?
Robin Wright: …
Dylan Penn: Mom?
Robin Wright: You’re dead to me.