Bob Costas’ Red Eye: The Real Reason His Face Is Swollen

They say NBC sportscaster Bob Costas is the face of the Olympics but he made fans a bit squeamish when he appeared on the Sochi Games round-up show on Feb. 6 with his eye nearly swollen shut!
We couldn’t help but do a double-take when we saw Bob Costas wearing a pair of Harry Potter-esque glasses during NBC’s premiere broadcast for the Sochi Winter Olympics. But it turns out the glasses were less of a fashion statement and more of a medical necessity for the usually sophisticated journalist.

Bob Costas’ Eye — His Swollen Face At The Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony
Talk about terrible timing! We can’t imagine going on television in front of millions of people with a terrible case of pink eye — but that’s exactly what Bob had to do!

When he kicked off NBC’s coverage of the Sochi Winter Olympics, Bob was forced to take a moment out of the broadcast to explain his swollen eye — and his uncharacteristic choice of eyewear.

“Bear with me for a moment as I spare my friends in the press office countless inquiries. I have no choice to go all ‘Peabody and Sherman’ on you for the next couple of nights since I woke up this morning with my left eye swollen shut and just about as red as the old Soviet flag,” Bob said at the beginning of NBC’s primetime coverage on Feb. 6, referring to the glasses he was forced to wear instead of his usual contact lenses.

We applaud Bob for his lack of vanity, but we’re not so sure we’d be as brave!