Happy Birthday, Jennifer Aniston! 15 Times We Fell in Love With You on Friends

It's Jennifer Aniston's birthday!
Isn't that just kick-you-in-the-crotch, spit-on-your-neck fantastic?!
We're not here to talk about how incredibly fantastic Jen looks on her 45th birthday (but come on, she totally does!), or about the fact that she's currently sporting a gorgeous rock on that finger. She's America's sweetheart and we think that every day should celebrate how incredible and wonderful Jennifer is. However, since we don't want to look like full-on stalkers, we're just going to pack all of our Aniston admiration into this one article and then get the rest of our Friends fix on Tumblr later.
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And of course, we all know Rachel Green. She started off the series as a rain-drenched, spoiled brat in a wedding gown but quickly stole our hearts and made us fall in love with her charm.

Now that we have your attention, let's take a look back at all the many times we fell head-over-heels for Rachel. Remember…
1. When she showed us that it's okay to get a little crazy sometimes when it involves boys
2. When she showed us how to rock even the most hideous of outfits
3. When she helped us realize that it's okay it we're not athletic
4. When she taught us how deal with that one neat-freak friend
5. When she showed us that being a parent could still be fun
6. When she taught us to always stand up for ourselves, not matter how much it hurts
7. When she taught us the difference between men and women
8. When she helped us realize that sometimes it's okay to let your hormones take over
9. When she showed us how to look great at an awkward party
10. When she taught us that making up new words can be fun
11. When she showed us the best way to intercept an important message
12. When she gave us the perfect excuse to get out of any situation
13. When she taught us how to tell someone off in public
14. When she showed us what our main priority should always be
15. When she made us realize that one day, we will all find our lobster

So happy birthday, Rachel!—Uh, we mean Jennifer...we love you!